• Warda Bouassab

Ultimate Mexico Travel Guide

Visit Mexico, a country rich with history, delicious food and sprawling beaches. Whether you are interested in roaming the grounds of old Mesoamerican ruins, laying out on the white sands of the country’s many resort beaches or going snorkeling off the waters of the Yucatan peninsula, there is something for everyone who wants to travel to Mexico.

Things Not to Miss in Mexico

1. Diving into the waters of Cenote Taj-Mahal. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, this limestone bedrock features many freshwater sinkholes that are perfect for diving. Underwater caverns and crevices litter the crystal-clear waters making the swim a truly unique one.  

2. Walk through the historic center of Mexico City. The main plaza hosts many cultural events such as the Festival de Mexico, an annual event featuring musical performances and art shows.

3. Visit the most-visited museum in Mexico. The National Anthropology Museum features many artifacts recovered from the Mayans, Aztecs and other former inhabitants of Mexico. Seeing the unique design of the museum itself is worth a visit.

When to Go to Mexico

Depending on where you go within the country will affect when you want to visit Mexico. The southern parts of the country near the Yucatan Peninsula tend to have moderate temperatures year-round while the northern parts of Mexico tend to have a drier climate with warmer temperatures especially during the summer months.

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